Flight Simulator is a great way to simulate real world aircraft and procedures, and do things strictly by the book. But there's also a huge untapped potential: Why not use the technology to build the ultimate dream machine? One that can outperform anything in the real world…and let you do things no real world pilot would ever attempt? The helicopter you'd buy if you had millions of dollars burning a hole in your pocket…if only it existed! That's the concept behind the Pyro.

The Pyro is a single place, single engine turbine helicopter. Top speed is 330 knots, with a cruise speed of 300. Tight high-G turns, insanely steep dives and climbs, and loops are all in its bag of tricks. And though it's designed mainly with racing and aerobatics in mind, it also makes a great vehicle for sight seeing and just plain cruising around. Want to fly to that new scenery you just installed? Why not choose the chopper that will get you there in no time flat, then let you enjoy the sights with its unparalleled view of the outside world?

Though it's pure fantasy, it's as richly detailed and full featured as the most accurately simulated real world aircraft. The goal was to make it a thoroughly believable experience, and it takes its cues from extensive research into existing technology.

Reality is great...but don't forget to have fun!



Fully clickable virtual cockpit
Full FSX texture effects
Checklist procedures from preflight to shutdown
Unique high performance flight dynamics
Digital airspeed indicator
Digital radar altimeter
Smoke system
Custom sound effects
9 paint schemes
Animated parts:
Retractable landing gear
Main and tail rotor rotation
Rotor disc pitch/bank
Windshield wipers
Doors & baggage compartment
Seamless pilot and flight controls



Q: What versions of Flight Simulator will it work with?
A: It will work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX), with or without Acceleration, under Windows XP or Vista. All testing was done with the (free) FSX Service Pack 2 installed.

Q: How is it on frame rates?
A: It gets frame rates equal to the default Jet Ranger and R-22, and much better than the Acceleration EH-101.

Q: Will this be as magically indestructible as the Extra, or as easy to hover as the default FSX Jet Ranger?
A: No. This ain't no arcade game! Being a rotary winged aircraft, it has unique challenges when performing stunts, and takes more piloting skill than a fixed wing. But it's all well documented, and with a little practice, you can tame the beast. Come on, you can handle it! Download the Lite version and give it a shot!

Q: 300 knots? Haven't you ever heard of retreating blade stall?
A: Yes. Now get in and throw a few loops, and forget that silly talk.


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